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Your gift today will support prostate cancer immunotherapy research.

Prostate cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in men. Every year, we lose more than 3,500 of our fathers, sons, brothers and grandfathers.  

One in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Of those who receive treatment, up to 30% will have their cancer come back.


There is hope. But we need your help.


The ImmunoPro research led by world-leading RBWH researchers is close to developing a therapeutic vaccine tailored to each prostate cancer patient.

The therapeutic vaccine would use immunotherapy post prostatectomy to enhance and increase the patient’s own cancer-fighting cells, reducing the need for radiation and hormone therapy.

The vision is to cure what is currently an incurable cancer and provide a non-invasive treatment with minimal side effects for patients.

Make a donation today to support life-saving immunotherapy research. 

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Can help fund an extensive one-hour blood analysis, looking for cancer molecules which can improve early detection.
Can allow two patients to keep their immune cells alive for two weeks. These cells will be exposed to cancer, then reintroduced to the patient with the knowledge of how to fight the cancer.
Can fund blood collection and biomarker development for up to three patients. This will reduce the number of false-negative tests for prostate cancer and provide a clearer description of the cancer.
Can pay for targeted sequencing of a patient’s immuno gene panel. This test will determine how aggressive treatment should be.

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