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One of the most powerful ways you can support life-saving research and advance patient care is by leaving a gift in your will. A gift in your will allows you to not only provide for your loved ones, but to also leave a legacy that will help Australia’s brightest medical minds create a healthier future for generations to come.

A gift in your will can be generous, powerful and simple. It is a special donation that can be a monetary amount, or other part or percentage of your estate. You can also nominate how you would like your gift to be used. No matter the size, or the form it takes, your Gift in Will can make an extraordinary and vital difference.

Types of Gift in Will

Your Gift in Will may be specific – such as a monetary sum, specific property, endowment, or shares – or residuary, which is a percentage or fraction of the remaining part of your estate. We appreciate that leaving a gift in your will is a very personal decision and it is important that you discuss this with your loved ones and solicitor so they can fulfil your wishes.

Jake Simpson

Cancer Patient

Jake Simpson: a young father’s legacy

When young Brisbane father Jake Simpson was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, an aggressive head and neck cancer, his wife Carly Mulheran and toddler Noah were foremost in his mind. But the 22-year-old was also determined to leave a legacy. In 2017, less than a year after becoming ill, Jake passed away. Hoping to improve survival rates for other young patients, Jake left a generous gift in his will to the RBWH Foundation to support medical research.

Planning your gift

If you are generously considering leaving a Gift in Will, there are a few recommended steps you can take.

1. Talk to your loved ones

Discuss your decision to leave a gift to RBWH Foundation in your will with family members and anyone else who may be affected.

2. Seek legal advice

It’s important to seek legal counsel when creating or amending your will.

3. Use the correct Gift in Will wording

For cost-effective and timely estate settlement, we recommend providing the following Gift in Will wording to your solicitor for inclusion in your will.

This is not legal advice. We recommend you contact your legal and financial advisors.

Contact us

Thank you for considering such a life-changing contribution. If you have any further questions, we’re here to help. We can assure you that any discussions will be strictly confidential.

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