Corporate giving with true purpose

The Extraordinary Power of Corporate Giving

The RBWH Foundation applauds the extraordinary philanthropic organisations which share our mission to advance life-saving research and patient care innovation. Our relationships are built on many years of engagement to deliver outcomes that are mutually enriching.


A new partnership between the RBWH Foundation and RACQ is funding cutting-edge research into emergency department e-scooter injury presentations, to better inform policy makers and law enforcement decision makers. 

“This research will give us a thorough understanding on how many people are ending up in hospital emergency departments with e-mobility related injuries and will allow us to better understand injury patterns, severity, circumstances, and treatment outcomes.” 

- RACQ Chief Executive Officer David Carter  

Your extraordinary opportunities to make a difference

Our work and impact is magnified by our generous corporate givers. The corporate supporters who share our vision harness the extraordinary power of giving to advance life-saving research and patient care, and positively impact society. There are so many ways to support the RBWH Foundation through philanthropic giving.

Our extraordinary opportunities include:

WeCU Family Care Program

Support WeCU, a breakthrough family care program providing care and comfort for families with loved ones in Intensive Care. This initiative guides families through this very difficult stage of treatment, focusing on care, comfort and practical advice.

Extraordinary Opportunities Grants

Helping RBWH go above and beyond in patient care, the Extraordinary Opportunities Grants will support transformational projects, including research, which enhance the patient (or patient family) experience. By contributing to these grants, you can make the impossible possible.

Other ways to get involved

Corporate philanthropy makes a vital difference to the work the RBWH Foundation does in a number of generous and powerful ways. The impact of our corporate supporters extends from financial certainty and program longevity to a greater diversity of initiatives and outcomes. It does more than meet a need; it helps to build a service.

Employee Monthly Giving

Join an incredible community of givers through the power of Monthly Giving. It is a profoundly special way to support research and patient care initiatives which would otherwise go unfunded.

Simply choose how much or how little to contribute, and this donation will be automatically deducted to make a life-changing difference to those who need it most.

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Volunteering provides a valuable opportunity for companies to strengthen their culture, mission and core values, while providing employees with a chance to make a real difference and to gain new skills. 

Talk to us about tailoring an experience for your staff to work alongside our RBWH Foundation Compassion Crew.


AKUA Volunteers

Raise it for the Royal

Team fundraising brings a special sense of achievement – and makes such a difference to so many lives.

Create your own special fundraiser in honour of a company milestone, a valued employee or to rally team spirit.

We’ve made it seamless to make a difference.

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Other big-hearted businesses giving back

Our generous corporate givers include:

Anglo American

Global miner Anglo American has donated the RBWH Foundation an extraordinary $1-million for burns and trauma care. This extraordinary philanthropic gift is already transforming patient lives through RBWH Foundation Research Fellowships and innovative research projects at the Herston Biofabrication Institute and Queensland Skin Culture Centre.

“We are very fortunate to have such a world class facility in Queensland, and our hope is that the donation will make a meaningful contribution to improving outcomes for all burns and trauma patients, through clinical research, innovation and ongoing patient support.” 

- Anglo American CEO in Australia, Tyler Mitchelson (December 2020)

RBWH Burns Unit Director Dr Jason Brown talking with patient Dave Andersen

ADCO Constructions

The simple joy of fresh air and sunshine can be invaluable for Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (RBWH) patients and their visitors, especially those facing a lengthy recovery.

Thanks to the generosity of national building company, ADCO, which donated time and resources for a outdoor garden makeover, patients can now relax in style.

“Many of us have had some form of connection to RBWH so it was a really wholesome experience to give back collectively and contribute to the RBWH Foundation.” 

- ADCO Senior Project Engineer Ben Savill 

Getting involved

There is no greater generosity than that which saves a life. If you would like to support lifesaving research and patient care through the extraordinary power of giving, please enter your details and we will be in touch.