RBWH Foundation Grant Round 2

RBWH Foundation Grants are made possible through the extraordinary power of giving.

Applications have closed

The RBWH Foundation is proud to announce Grant Round 2, supporting extraordinary opportunities for patient care and life-saving research, will be open for submissions from 1 March 2024 to 3 April 2024.

This grant round has been made possible through the extraordinary power of giving to the RBWH Foundation.  

The RBWH Foundation is seeking applications from Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH), Surgical, Treatment and Rehabilitation Service (STARS) and Metro North Institute staff for projects, including research, that improve patient outcomes and/or enhance patient care at RBWH and STARS.

With up to $350,000 allocated to Research and up to $150,000 allocated to Patient Care, this is an extraordinary opportunity not to be missed, regardless of how small, or how ambitious, your project may be.

Information to Applicants:

Key Dates

Information Sessions
February 2024

Applications open for submission
Start date 1 March 2024
End date 3 April 2024

Review Period
April 2024

Outcome Notification
Early June 2024

Award Presentation
Early July 2024

Grant Information Sessions

The RBWH Foundation invite interested staff from RBWH, STARS, HBI, HeIDI, JTI and CBCI to join us for a walkthrough of the application process.

Register below to attend at our RBWH Foundation Boardroom, Ground Floor of the Ned Hanlon Building (opposite Admissions), or via Teams.

20 February 2024, Tuesday, 2pm - 2:30pm

21 February 2024, Wednesday, 10am - 10:30am  

26 February 2024, Monday, 2pm - 2:30pm  

27 February 2024, Tuesday, 10am - 10:30am 

Frequently Asked Questions

For detailed information, please refer to the Application Guidelines 

How do I submit my application for the RBWH Foundation Grant Round 2?

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Submission is online through the website rbwhfoundation.grantplatform.com. Email or other form will not be accepted. Submissions after the deadline 03 April 2024 will not be accepted. There are two application forms available at the grants platform home page:  Patient Care and Research.  

How many applications can someone submit?

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Lead Applicants can submit one application; duplicates are blocked by the platform. However, a Lead Applicant of a project can be a collaborator in multiple applications.

I applied for the RBWH Foundation Grant Round 1 in 2023, but I was unsuccessful. Can I apply for Round 2 with the same project/initiative?

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What’s the definition of Early Career Applicant used by the RBWH Foundation for this grant round?

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An Early Career Applicant is generally an individual within 8 years of completing their higher degree (MPhil, PhD or equivalent; however, this is inclusive of those who may not hold a research higher degree) or of commencing active research as a project leader. We do not require a track record or curriculum vitae to be uploaded, if you select ‘Early Career’, you’ll be prompted to provide information about your mentorship and what qualifies you as an Early Career applicant. 

How many collaborators can I have? Do they need to sign/endorse my application?

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There is no limit to the number of collaborators. You will be requested to confirm that all collaborators listed have been informed and are supportive of your application. We do not require the collaborators signature or endorsement as part of the submission process.

How do I obtain endorsement from my Business Manager and Service Line Director?

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This step will be facilitated by the applicant filling the name and email addresses of their appropriate Business Manager (BM) and Service Line Director (SLD). Upon submission completion, the grants’ platform will automatically notify BM and SLD that their endorsement is required. There is no need of their signature in any document; everything will be done via the grants’ platform.

What criteria will be used to assess applications?

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Applicants should read the Application Guidelines to view the submission information required. Applications will be assessed on information you provide (see Scoring Criteria).  

Should I select Patient Care or Research application form?

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  • Select Patient Care application form if your application aims to improve patients and their families/visitors experience, environment, wellbeing and/or satisfaction.  
  • Select Research application form if your application poses a question/aims to address a hypothesis and/or requires Ethics Approval and/or it evaluates quality improvement of clinical care.  

I’m currently a recipient of a grant funded by the RBWH Foundation (2022 Extraordinary Opportunities or 2023 RBWH Foundation Grant Round 1). Can I submit a new application for Round 2? 

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No, recipients are allowed one funding at a time. Grant recipients with active funding from the 2022 Extraordinary Opportunity Grant Round and the 2023 RBWH Foundation Grant Round 1 are ineligible to apply as a Lead Applicant.  

Who’s eligible to apply for an RBWH Foundation Grant Round 2?

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The Lead Applicant needs to hold an appointment with RBWH, STARS or a Metro North Health Institute located on the Herston Health Precinct (see guidelines). The proposed Research project or Patient Care initiative needs to be primarily based and benefit patients at RBWH and/or STARS. For Research projects, priority will be given to Early Career Applicants.

I’m running and/or starting a large project or initiative that costs more than the $50,000 capped by the RBWH Foundation. Can I request part of my total budget in my application to the RBWH Foundation Grant Round 2?

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Yes, you can still apply. In the ‘Project/Initiative’ tab, you’ll need to indicate whether it’s an existing or new project. If the former, provide justification. In the ‘Budget’ tab, you’ll need to break down the total costs of your project/initiative, and clearly specify how much of the budget you’re requesting from the RBWH Foundation.

What type of Supporting Material can I provide?

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Supporting Materials include but are not limited to:  

  • Research projects require Ethics/SSA/Governance approval or exemption. You can provide them if you already have these documents in hand. It’s not mandatory to have them at the time of the application submission, but if you’re successful, you’ll be requested to provide them before funds are transferred. 
  • Equipment quotes.  
  • Staff FTE information.  
  • Other documentation you think might assist your application. 

DO NOT use this space to:  

  • Provide further information about the scope or background of your project/initiative nor references (these can be provided within Research/Patient Care plan). 
  • Provide Lead Applicant and/or collaborators track records, publications, or curriculum vitae. 

What is expected of me as a grant recipient if I am successful? 

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As a grant recipient you are expected to: 

  • Ensure the project/initiative expenditure is in accordance with the approved application budget. 
  • Appropriately acknowledge and recognise that the project/initiative was made possible by the RBWH Foundation and our generous donors.
  • Be available to engage with donors and community partners in an Ambassadorial/ Advocate role.
  • Submit a progress report, and final report through the online grant platform.
  • Provide a financial acquittal upon project completion, with any unspent funds returned to the RBWH Foundation. 

The RBWH Foundation advances life-saving research and patient care through the extraordinary power of giving.
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