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We’re always here to help make your fundraising event a big success.

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We’re always here to help make your fundraising event a big success.

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Reece Crawford

In August 2014, Reece’s life changed in an instant when he was hit by a car while riding a motor scooter home from work. The amazing neurosurgical team at the RBWH not only saved his life but inspired a career change. Reece is now a Physiotherapy assistant at RBWH and one of our most committed fundraisers. At one stage, Reece thought he may never walk again, now he has found a passion for running and uses his fundraising page to clock up generous donations from his network of supporters.

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Other ways to fundraise

Tailor your event to suit your goals.

Make it novel

There’s no idea too crazy or inventive. From trivia to dress-up days or art auctions, it’s easy to fundraise your way.

Make it a celebration

Celebrate your special occasion, ask for donations in lieu of gifts. A simple and joyous way to fundraise.

Make it a tribute

A beautiful way to remember someone special. Create a personalised tribute page and invite family and friends to donate in loving memory of your loved one.

Featured Fundraisers

WeCU family support program

Help us reduce trauma for loved ones of Intensive Care patients. This unique pilot program provides care, comfort and practical advice to families, but more funding is required to continue the program.