Transforming person-centred care through quality consumer and community involvement in research

2023 RBWH Foundation Grant Round 1
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Project description

This project focuses on improving healthcare by involving patients in research at Metro North (MN). This research aims to identify and address training and resource gaps in consumer engagement, ensuring that partnerships between researchers and patients are well-supported for genuine and impactful collaboration.

Why this work is needed

Recognising the value of involving patients in healthcare, Metro North (MN) and national standards prioritise and emphasize the importance of consumer partnerships in research. However, not all collaborations yield positive results. Despite guidelines, some partnerships fall short, revealing a gap between MN's strategic plan and patient-reported experiences. This project is crucial to understanding where training and resource gaps exist. By pinpointing these gaps, the research aims to enhance the quality of partnerships, ensuring that each collaboration is adequately supported.

Expected outcomes

This research endeavours to bridge the gap between intentions and experiences in consumer partnerships within Metro North (MN). By identifying specific training and resource gaps at both individual and system levels, the project aims to enhance the quality of collaborations between researchers and patients. The ultimate goal is to ensure that each partnership activity is adequately resourced for meaningful and authentic patient involvement. Through this, the project seeks to align patient experiences with MN's strategic plan and national standards, fostering positive outcomes in healthcare research. The insights gained will not only benefit MN but also contribute to broader strategies for improving patient engagement across national research initiatives.

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Meet the Researcher

Lisa Anemaat

STARS Research Consumer Project Officer

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