From documents to digital: Co-designing nutrition videos to improve patient care

2023 RBWH Foundation Grant Round 1
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Project description

This patient care initiative lead by Dietitian Hannah Olufson from the Surgical, Treatment and Rehabilitation Service (STARS) focuses on improving access to reliable nutrition information through the creation of informative videos. Building upon existing written materials, the videos aim to enhance nutrition education across RBWH and STARS.

Why this work is needed

In recent research and service evaluation activities across both RBWH and STARS, several topics were identified as key nutritional concerns for patients: malnutrition, poor appetite, nutritious eating for healthy ageing and secondary prevention of illness and/or injury. Therefore, it is crucial that patients and caregivers are given accessible and trustworthy nutrition information. Informative videos accessible through digital platforms are an innovative approach to bridge this perceived gap in patient care.

Expected outcomes

By providing innovative approaches to nutrition education, the initiative seeks to improve traditional dietetic care, offering valuable insights and enhancing patient outcomes and experiences in response to key nutritional concerns across RBWH and STARS. Through digital platforms, these resources will contribute to a more patient-centric and effective care environment at both hospitals, aligning with evolving needs and providing valuable support for patients and their caregivers.

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Meet the Researcher

Hannah Olufson

STARS Dietitian

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