Enhancing the Patient Experience and Assisting Complex Decision-Making in Haemodialysis through Digital Platforms

2023 RBWH Foundation Grant Round 1
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Project description

This project is focused on improving the consent process for haemodialysis, a treatment for kidney failure. Recognising the challenges patients face in understanding all aspects of the treatment, Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (RBWH) Nephrologist Dr Kirsten Hepburn and her team aim to create a tool to assist in the process.

Why this work is needed

It is difficult to get consent from patients to perform haemodialysis because of the complexity of information, time limitation or patients understanding the procedure. Research has shown that using videos to explain things before medical procedures can make it easier for patients to make decisions.

The team will work with patients to create audio-visual content that will be used in a digital tool to explain haemodialysis and get patients' consent. The tool will reflect patients’ experiences, considering their cultural and linguistic backgrounds, with feedback used to refine the tool’s animations. Patients will also be consulted whether using the digital tool is better than paper forms for understanding treatment options.

Expected outcomes

This project anticipates creating a patient-centred audio-visual digital tool for explaining haemodialysis and obtaining consent. Dr Hepburn’s team will evaluate whether this digital tool enhances patient understanding and consent for haemodialysis. If successful, the tool could be implemented in Metro North Hospitals, offering a more accessible and comprehensive way for patients to comprehend haemodialysis. This innovation has the potential to improve the consent process, making it more patient-friendly and applicable to diverse populations within the healthcare setting.

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Meet the Researcher

Dr Kirsten Hepburn

RBWH Kidney Supportive Care Nephrologist

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