Queensland accolade for lifetime of giving

30 Nov 1999

A Queensland retiree who is sharing her life savings with the RBWH Foundation and other charities has been named the Queensland Community Foundation’s Community Philanthropist of the Year.

Former business owner, Maureen Stevenson, became a regular giver with her husband, Barry, and has supported close to 70 charities over the past 30 years.

As Maureen explained to Seven News, she is also leaving gifts in her will to twenty philanthropic organisations, ensuring her legacy will continue for generations to come.

“If you've had cancer or your family’s had cancer, or other things wrong, donating to research helps find an answer eventually,” said Maureen.

“Researchers seem to be making big improvements along the way.”

The RBWH Foundation CEO Simone Garske said the support of donors, like Maureen, was life-saving.

“We have a grant round twice a year and through that process the very best research is funded that makes a difference to saving lives,” said Ms Garske.

“People like Maureen, who give so much with such a big heart, really make our community so much stronger.”

Maureen said being named Community Philanthropist of the Year was an acknowledgment she hadn’t expected. 

“A lot of people would have no idea what I do, even people that I know,” said Maureen.

“I would rather give funds to charity than to the Government to waste as tax collected!”

Learn more about advancing patient care and life-saving research by leaving a gift in your will.