Our Grants

Each year, RBWH Foundation calls for research grant applications from clinicians and medical practitioners at the hospital. The funding applications received come from all areas of the hospital from mental health and neurology to infectious diseases and cancer care. They represent a commitment to excellence in patient care and a thirst for knowledge.

The sheer volume and calibre of applications demonstrate the level of funding that is required and the current limit of funds available to support such research. Each application is reviewed by RBWH Foundation’s Research Advisory Committee and grants are awarded based on their merit.

The RBWH Foundation’s Research Grants are awarded each year during a special ceremony in the hospital’s Education Centre.

Applications for these grants will be open later in the year.

Annual Research Grants are awarded in the following categories:

Research Initiative Grants
These grants are intended to allow successful applicants to position themselves to apply successfully to external research funding bodies for larger grants to take their research forward.

Nursing and Allied Health Research Grants
Nursing Research Grants are awarded as scholarships, research initiatives and start-up grants. The purpose of these grants is to position the recipients to apply successfully for external funding in order to progress their research.

Sir Ian MacFarlane Awards for Excellence in Nursing Clinical Practice
Sir Ian McFarlane was a great supporter of the Foundation and the hospital until his passing in late 2008.  In his honour, the Nursing Excellence Awards were established to recognise staff at RBWH who demonstrate accountability to patients through professional standards, protect and enforce the rights of patients, provide holistic care through communication skills and contribute to professional development.

2019 Diamond Care Grants and Phoebe Eales Melanoma Research Grants

Applications are currently open for the 2019 RBWH Foundation Susan Suduk OneDay to Conquer Cancer Diamond Care Grants and the 2019 Phoebe Eales Melanoma Research Grants.

The Diamond Care Grants are for research and other initiatives that support RBWH’s vision of providing the Diamond Standard of Cancer Care to its patients. These grants were made possible by funds raised through the RBWH Foundation’s 2018 Susan Suduk OneDay to Conquer Cancer.

The Phoebe Eales Melanoma Research Grants are a new grant category for 2019.  These grants are made possible by funds raised by the Million Metres for Melanoma team in 2018.

Applications for these two grant categories close at 5pm on 15 April 2019.

For details on how to apply for a Diamond Care Grants and the Phoebe Eales Melanoma Research Grants, click here.