RBWH Foundation Grants

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Grant Information

Applicants are required to read and understand the document below before submitting an application.

The document covers...

  • Application Requirements
  • Data, Reporting and Evaluation Guidance
  • Procurement
  • Key Dates
  • Review Processes
  • Application Questions
  • Grant Terms and Conditions

Grant Information Sessions

The RBWH Foundation invite interested staff from RBWH, STARS, HBI, HeIDI, JTI and CBCI to join us for a walkthrough of the application process.

Attend in person at our RBWH Foundation Boardroom, Ground Floor of the Ned Hanlon Building (opposite Admissions), or via Teams links below.

Please email us to register your interest. 

Thursday, August 24th 2pm - link

Tuesday, August 29th 3pm - link

Wednesday, August 30th 10am  - link

Key Dates

  Round 1 Start Date   End Date
  Applications open for submission 1 September   30 September
  Review period October
  Outcome notification and award presentation November

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for our RBWH Foundation Grant?

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The 2023 RBWH Foundation Grant is open to RBWH, STARS and Institutes on the Herston Health Precinct for projects and initiatives that improve patient outcomes and/or enhance patient care at RBWH and STARS.

What can be funded by a RBWH Foundation Grant?

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The 2023 RBWH Foundation Grant round will fund: 

  1. Patient care projects/initiatives that enhance the patient experience.
  2. Projects/initiatives that are supported by the RBWH and STARS Executive Directors to ensure they aligned to strategic priorities.
  3. Short-term projects/initiatives that can be completed within 12 months of the award letter being received (or ethics and SSA being approved in the case of research).
  4. Projects/initiatives of up to $50,000.

How much funding can I apply for?

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Applicants can apply for up to $50,000 to fund their project/initiative.

The funding I need is greater than $50,000. Can I still submit a proposal?

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Yes, but you must articulate in your application any  additional sources of funding to support the whole project/initiative.

Can I submit more than one application?

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No, each applicant can only submit one application; however, there can be multiple applications per department.

A lead investigator may hold no more than one RBWH Foundation Grant at any one time. Where a lead investigator is in receipt of a RBWH Foundation Grant, they will not be eligible for any subsequent rounds until the project is completed and grant is fully acquitted, and all reporting is finalised. However, a lead Investigator may be listed as a collaborator on other submissions.

Who assesses the applications?

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Submitted applications that meet the eligibility criteria will be assessed by a panel with representation from RBWH, STARS, and a consumer and First Nations representative.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the information provided can be understood. Applications will be evaluated based only upon the information submitted, no further clarification will be sought.

The panel’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.

What criteria will be used to assess applications?

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Applicants should read the Application guide (here) to view the submission information required.

Applications will be assessed on information you provide about:

  • What is the quality and feasibility of the proposed project, and the significance to RBWH and/or STARS?
  • Does the proposed project articulate clear aim(s), appropriate methodology to address the aim(s), and outcome/evaluation measures?
    Resources, and capacity of individual and listed collaborators to deliver in the 12month timeline?
  • What improvement does the project propose, direct or indirect, to patient outcomes?

The RBWH Foundation Grant Round 1 will prioritise:

  • Research and patient care projects/initiatives where the applicant has engaged with and/or supported the RBWH Foundation within the last 2 years and can articulate their contribution to engagement with supporting the philanthropic culture of the RBWH Foundation.
  • For Research projects, priority will be given to projects/initiatives led by Early Career Researchers (ECRs), and/or those that incorporate a novel approach to a current problem, or articulate an innovation to be tested.

When will I receive my grant distribution?

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The RBWH Foundation will formalise invoicing and payment arrangements within three months of notification of outcomes.

Research projects must have ethics and governance approval prior to funding being distributed.

What is expected of me as a grant recipient?

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As a grant recipient you are expected to:

  • Have a responsibility to ensure project/initiative expenditure is in accordance with the approved application budget.
  • Appropriately acknowledge and recognise that the project/initiative was made possible by the RBWH Foundation and our generous donors.
  • Be available to engage with donors and community partners in an Ambassadorial/ Advocate role.
  • Submit a progress report, and final report through the online grant platform.
  • Provide an acquittal upon project completion, with any unspent funds returned to the RBWH Foundation.
For full terms and conditions, please see the full application guide here.

The RBWH Foundation advances life-saving research and patient care through the extraordinary power of giving.
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