Focused Ultrasound Simulation Education- Lung (RBWH Staff)


The FUSE Lung Ultrasound Course offers training in performing lung ultrasound and identifying patterns of lung pathology, including normal, pneumothorax, pleural effusion, pulmonary oedema, minor and major consolidation. It includes practical training of how to perform safe ultrasound-guided drainage of pleural effusion using an ultrasound machine, mannequin-simulator using commonly used selding-technique equipment.



The FUSE Lung Ultrasound course comprises four components:

1. E-Learning package
2. Two-hour hands-on workshop
3. 10 Self-directed case studies on the CAE Vimedix simulator
4. Assessment and Completion
Program cost incorporates access to all online materials, workshop, self-directed simulator case studies, and certificate on completion.

Once you have purchased the training program, you will receive an enrolment email with a login and password to your e-learning package and a link to a booking page for the three-hour workshop session. For more information visit the BrisbaneFUSE website.